Does compiled React count as source code?


This question is ultimately one for whoever has the final word in enforcing the Plugin Developer Guidelines, so if someone could point me to where I can contact them that would be appreciated. That being said, I welcome everyone’s input.

I recently came across a plugin on the directory that I wanted to modify for my use case, but only provided a minified and obfuscated JavaScript bundle (as is the norm in JS) in the release repo.

This was a clear violation of the guidelines and the GPL itself, which I told them about and they responded by giving me the unminified bundle. For anyone not too familiar with “modern” JS, the bundle is basically “compiled” from the original (in this case React+JSX) source files and therefore isn’t really source code in the GPL sense.

So my question here is does this still count as a violation and, were they not to listen to me, who might be able to compell them to provide the true source code.

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