Disable Homepage title without disabling post titles

Kindly clarify where is this “page title” on your homepage? Is it the “GAME-CHANGING GLOBAL HR DIGITAL PLATFORM” text? That seems to be coming from some page builder, and not the native WordPress page title.

@gappiah The page title is already hidden due to the CSS below:

.home .entry-title {
display: none;

But the post titles at the bottom of the page are also hidden. I want to display them.

Assuming the “page title” in question is displayed inside an H1 tag (and the post titles at the bottom DO NOT use H1), then you can use something like:

.home h1.entry-title {
display: none;


I looked closer at your homepage, and I see the page title is an H1 element with a class of entry-title. This is the only single time this class name is used on the homepage. The two posts at the bottom have H2 titles with the class name post-title. So I don’t see why your original CSS code would be hiding the titles of these bottom posts as well.

@gappiah Thanks. It’s working fine. What I was thinking were the image titles were actually the H1 headings of the posts 🙂

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