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Jan Dembowski


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I’ve removed your link, it’s not really pertinent and is more than a little inflammatory.

You’re not making a forum avatar case, your opining about Gravatar and that’s got little to do with this place.

Why not use a nice WordPress logo instead, or even leave the default “Mystery Person” icon of the WP profiles directory?

If you don’t want to use Gravatar, and that’s fine too then this is the Avatar you get here.

It’s a preference of this site is all and having different random avatars is done for readability. If everyone had the same Avatar (Mystery Person) then following topic replies would be more challenging.


There was nothing inflammatory intended about providing a link to the search engine results page for the query “Is Gravatar a safety risk?”, and my point was precisely TO NOT make it a Gravatar issue, otherwise I would have posted my justified opinion directly through!

My point was to raise the issue of how user-unfriendly the default avatar images look by default, which by possibly deterring quality-oriented users like me from using the forum, doesn’t help to fix WordPress at all…so where is the place to address that issue if not here.

I’m sorry but your answer was not appropriate. Ticket closed.

Thanks for considering.


According to my understanding of (as an user of an OVH-hosted multisite installation of six modules), it takes three different email accounts (instead of two) to solve the above spectrum of issues:

At module level:
1. A (core) admin email account (available),
2. A (core) contact email account (available),
3. + A (core) avatar email account (missing),

…which would make both the and forum profiles supported by a standalone email account connected to the user’s installation through the module’s avatar settings (3) without third-party plugin compromission (either way).

Again, thanks for considering.

There’s no tickets here!

This is a “FYI” suggestion pertaining to the way I see it at admin level, not really a support request per se.

One final suggestion regarding the default image itself, just to square the above problem-solving cycle for good:

Upon creation of a profile account, the server would read the avatar presets on the user’s installation, and depending on what the user has configured at his/her module (website) level, could either:

– take over by default the avatar image provided by the user, for profiling and/or forum purposes,
– or select by default a better-looking (logotypical) profile image reflecting the user’s role and capabilities (Contributor, Author, Editor, Admin, Super Admin).


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