default font change not happening

That 100% depends on your theme and what else is going on on your website (eg some plugin overriding the style).

If you can tell us your website address, we might be able to help you.

Hi there George,

here is the link to my page:

my theme is OceanWP and I have everything updated to the latest editions. (I haven’t installed the child theme yet, wondering whether I should?)

Anyway, I would love to know how to fix this default font issue.

Thank you so much again for helping me out!

I am trying to change the default font of the body in my website.
I went to appearance –> customize –> typography and typed in what I wanted it to be (Raleway, 20, 400) and clicked on save, but nothing happens. The default I set in the very beginning is still there.

If you’re referring to the paragraph text, this already has your desired typeface, font size, and font weight… as you can see below. If you’re not seeing this, it may be due to your browser caching the old stile.

If you’re referring to the headline or something else on the page, kindly let me know.

That’s exactly what puzzles me: like I said in the beginning I entered all the info in the customize part of wordpress.

But I add a new paragraph in elementor now and the new font doesn’t show up, it’s still the old one and I have to change the font of absolutely every paragraph, which is not at all effective.

Secondly, if you look at the email form, you should see the old font. This plugin (happyforms) automatically grabs the default font (the old one in this case). I have tried to update this form like 5 times and the new font doesn’t show. Plus I can only add a css file in this plugin to change the font, there’s no other option there.

I just checked with another plugin (fancy flip box) it shows me the old font and says ‘default’ in the typography part.

D’you see what I mean? I need it to be 2 fonts only. Lovers Quarrel for the headlines and Raleway for any other text… and Raleway doesn’t seem to be the default paragraph font…

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Dear George (@gappiah),

I changed the font settings in elementor and that seems to have done the trick. Everything else will have to be done by a professional later on, once I can afford one. Time is pressing on, I gotta go online with the website as it is and take a deep breath to keep my silly perfectionism in check.

For now, I want to say thank you for offering your help.
Have a good day!

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