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So I’d been trying to update my website with a SSL certificate, and in the process of doing so I noticed a crapton of errors. The automatic update wasn’t working, so I manually updated WordPress to 5.4.2. Then I noticed I couldn’t edit any of my theme files internally and no plugin settings were being saved, even after disabling all of them. Ultimately it seemed like the problem was that my database was full — the stats in my webhost control panel said I was using 150MB/100MB — such that the server wasn’t allowing me to write any new data to it. And when it seemed like the issue was that the comments table had 140MB of overhead, I couldn’t even optimize it because apparently that also required writing some value.

So it seemed like a good idea to clear the database and try to restore from a backup.


Anyway, I emptied the database and made a backup. Tried restoring — but kept getting an error that caused it to abort. Wondered if it had something to do with the space thing, so I created another database with a 1000MB limit (apparently since I created that first database years the host increased their size limits???) and tried again. Same error. Same error when I tried restoring from the backup I made before the manual update, and same error when I tried restoring from the backup I made the last time I edited the site (in Dec 2018; it’s been a while).

Anyway, here’s the error:

SQL query:

INSERT INTO scblog_posts VALUES (4070, 1, ‘2016-04-11 00:44:50’, ‘2016-04-11 04:44:50’, ”, ‘robug08’, 0, ”, ‘inherit’, ‘open’, ‘closed’, ”, ‘robug08’, ”, ”, ‘2016-04-12 02:21:40’, ‘2016-04-12 06:21:40’, ”, 4043, ‘’, 0, ‘attachment’, ‘image/jpeg’, 0)

MySQL said: Documentation
#1062 – Duplicate entry ‘4070’ for key ‘PRIMARY’

Any suggestions? Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

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