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The link you gave to empregos/ is an archive list not an individual page.

You can use your browser ‘developer tools’ to inspect elements and check teh classes on the <body> element

Hope that helps a bit.

@fullworks Thanks for the help. That’s what I use.

The CSS works without the “page-id” but I just want the code works in a specific page.

It’s different for archives pages?

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In WordPress terms an archive isn’t technically at ‘page’ it is a a list.

WordPress has several structures
for example

The body class of a page will contain its id e.g. body.page-id-507

An archive can be identified by a different class e.g. body.post-type-archive-job_listing


Right!!!! Thanks for the help, it’s working now.

The code I use:

.post-type-archive-job_listing .site-content-page-header-inner { display:none !important; }

Thanks buddy, you the best!

Good that you have what you want working

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