CSS Code For “Brand Font”, Line Height/Spacing? (+Theme Option Issues)

I’m starting a blog for the company and I see limited options for customizing the layout and style within WordPress for “posts” or “blog” within my theme settings separate from my website/”page” settings. I have a Visualmodo theme active, called Edge (which has been a nightmare but I seem married to it now?), and only the ‘Brand Font’ is missing a ‘Line Height’option within general Theme Settings (navigation font has line-height, header font, not main paragraph font that is most important for line spacing?!?).

Under “blog” in theme settings, the only thing there is:
Single Post Widget*
Enable or disable the widget on a single post

Under “post types” in theme settings, the only thing there is:
How many post types
Singular / Plural / Custom Slug
URL Index

Does anyone know what the CSS code would be if I just want to make my line-height slightly under double-spaced, like 1.3-1.5? It’s okay if it’s not specific to posts- it can be blanketed across pages and posts

Aside from that, am I missing anything or any tricks for having more control over “posts” settings, without changing “page” (website) settings? Can I just switch themes if another theme like ocean wp would be better or would that ruin/crash my site? I am ready to change up design now that I made this website and know I can get more into stylizing but I don’t know if changing themes is like, redoing a site or how easy/difficult that is.

Sorry, this is so long – any advice is appreciated!

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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