Core 5.51 breaks all versions php greater than 7.0

We upgraded from 7.0 php to 7.4 and added 7.2 and 7.3

Most sites on our server immediately broke, they were running updated plugins and 5.51 core

A few sites ran fine, until we upgraded them to core 5.51

So 5.51 core will not run on our server without breaking sites IF we add more than woocommerce, it’s the only plugin that works on our server with core 5.51

I found some info on cpanel about enabling nd_mysqli and another old php V 5.0 file

I found something on this site about centos needing a php_mysgl extension

Server is Centos 7.80
We have 5.6 php, 7.0 php that works fine, we installed 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 and those break all sites as soon as we upgrade to core 5.51

Then if disable all plugins and run 5.51 core on 7.4 core works, if we run woocommerce only it works, as soon as any other plugin in activate, it crashes

Error messages range from
Critical Error
White screen of death
http 500 error

We have over 100 WP sites
All use OnePress Theme
Then many use Woo

We use about 20 plugins on the sites, never had any issues

We did have issue while ago with ultiate seo breaking stuff while we were under 7.0 php with older cores

So we just disabled that plugin and had no real issues until we started running php higher than 7.0


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