Copy from spreadsheet cell into page title does not work


I guess I will need to create a bug report for this but I have never done that before. Can you tell me

1. Is this something I should report
2. Where to report

How to recreate

1. Add new page
2. from spreadsheet (external program) copy the contents of a cell that is to become the page title
3. Paste (using ctrl-v or ctrl-shift-v) into the page title field on the new page

Expected Result: contents of the copied cell would become the title of the page.

Actual Result: Instead of pasting the text of the cell (as it had done prior to 5.5) it skips away from the title title field and instead creates a one cell block on the body of the page. Title field remains empty.

Surely this can’t be the correct behaviour. I can understand if one was trying to paste an image into the title field that it would do something like this. But text? No.

This worked fine before 5.5.

What should I do? Thanks.

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