Confusing RSS Issues |

I can’t see what is missing vs. what is not missing.
Your feed ould be caching, can you see if there is a difference between this :
and :

Are you using a plugin to Publish ?

Hi @corrinarusso . I resolved the issue so you wouldn’t be able to see a difference any more. I’m still not sure why there was an issue.

It’s kind of like my truck. Every now and then it won’t start in Park. I have no idea why – and neither does the mechanic because it always starts in Park when I take it there.

However, it will always start in Neutral.

Since I don’t have time to leave my truck at the mechanic for a month until it finally one day gives him a problem as well, I just deal with it.

Thanks for taking a look. I really appreciate that.

Submitting your feed to these services can be temperamental.

They need to be “perfect”. Sometimes it is simply cache, sometimes your image is not “perfectly square”, sometimes you are using a wonky character string that the feed doesn’t like. etc. There are many variables coming from your feed, and many reliances coming from the vendor.

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