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Hi @lukesdodson
to disable / able comments :
go to Settings → Discussion, uncheck / check Allow people to post comments on new articles

you can as well as override this behaviour on a page/ post basis :
go to your desired page
if you don’t see the discussion box directly , then go to screen option drop down field located near the top right, there are tick boxes to show the discussion box. Tick it
In the discussion box now below the post / page editor you can allow / disallow comments for the page.

Hi @randolphgamo,

Thanks for your reply, but this isn’t what I was asking about. Comments are already enabled on the Settings, for individual posts as well as the whole site.

All previous comments have disappeared from the website. They are still visible in my Dashboard.


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I should add that the ability to add new comments has also disappeared, depsite being enabled in the Settings for the site as a whole as well as individual posts.

Hi @lukesdodson

try temporarily changing your theme and see what happens?

perfect, that’s done the trick! Thanks for your help.

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