Changes not Showing Up on Live Site. I’ve tried what forums have suggested

Let me start by saying I’m a layman here. I’ve been updating our site manually for years with no problem until this last round. (We are self hosting.) We are using a Studio Press theme called Altitude within the Genesis framework. I have spent hours updating the content within the theme customization UX within WordPress and have published. None of those changes are showing in the live site. The weird thing is that I added pages in the standard WP “page add” path and they made it to the live site. So I don’t think this is a cache issue. That being said, I’ve cleared my cache, tried multiple browsers with cleared cache, and still can’t see the content updated through the theme template…though I can see the added pages. I also tried what some of these forums have suggested about checking the WP config file (which I’m scared to even touch given my ineptitude in this space.).

The theme content just seems to be totally disconnected from the live site now.

BTW…I was using WP Staging Pro to do all the changes and had the same problem with “preview” in the Staging environment. So I pushed the changes to production site to see if it was a staging issue, but low and behold, same problem (probably shouldn’t have done that, I realize.) I’ve spent hours and could really use some help!

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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