Change only internal links color

Hi @mira404,

You need to add two classes in CSS code in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS section

.internal_link{color: #000;text-decoration: underline;}
.external_link{ color: #ef3737;font-weight: 700;text-decoration: underline;}

Once you will add it then everywhere you need to use these classes as per your requirements, for an external link you need to use the ‘external_link’ class and for an internal link you need to use the “internal_link” class.

Hope this will work for you.


I’m using the GeneratePress theme, code isn’t working check this:

@mira404@ravivaddweb code works just fine but your have to add classes to all your links for it to work.

You can also use:

a { color: green; }
a[href*="//"]:not([href*=""]) {
	color: pink;

Of course, change the to whatever your site is.


a { color: #111111; }
a[href*="//"]:not([href*="*****.com"]) {
	color: #fc7d46;

Now code working fine. Also want to add underline interlink only like this:

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a { color: #111111; text-decoration: underline; }
a[href*="//"]:not([href*="*****.com"]) {
	color: #fc7d46; text-decoration: none;

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