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The Tag Cloud Widget won’t let you by default change the number of tags.

I would choose a plugin that displays a more customizable (and modern) tag cloud. Here are a few options:

Hope this help!

thank you Vlad.
i was sure that could change the number of tags
inside the WordPress codes, but right now
i go to try your options.
thank very much.

If you are comfortable coding in WP, you can add the following code to functions.php file of your theme. If you will update the theme, the code will be removed.

add_filter( 'widget_tag_cloud_args', 'tag_cloud_limit' );
function tag_cloud_limit($args){ if ( isset($args['taxonomy']) && $args['taxonomy'] == 'post_tag' ){
 $args['number'] = 20; //change 20 with your desired number!
} return $args; }

I reccomended some plugins, because coding can be tricky for some.

Hope this helps!

thank you again.
i can try the code and i’m sure it can work perfectly.
but, the firs of 3 plug-in you have show me, is
very very beautiful.
thank again.

I am happy that works for you!

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oh sorry, i don’t had do.

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