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are you still using the localhost? Did you start both apache and your database engine? You probably need to check the xampp control panel to make sure everything is running.

Yes , both Apache and MySQL are running .



Building a cross platform web application is not for beginners.

Personally, I build everything in the spot it is going to live in. You can use an “Under Construction” plugin to hide your work from the rest of the world, but its almost impossible these days to get 1 visitor to visit your website.

When you make a mistake, fix it. It will be updated in Google and Bing when they crawl your site. Don’t make it more complicated for yourself.

Put it online and build it there.

Now, DID you make edits to the wp-config.php file?
What does “It seems to be in order” mean?

Every wp-config file is different. Changing 1 letter in your database name would break your connection.

Thank you for your reply @putarguygmailcom . My website is simply a platform where I’m trying to sell my workout programs and it will be linked to my instagram page . The reason I decided to do it myself was to avoid unnecessary cost , and like I said, it all went well until now . My understanding is that the work is not visible to other people as I’m hosting it locally through xampp , so I’m not sure exactly what you mean with the plugin you suggested.

As for the wp-config … no , I never made any changes to that , all I did was customise my website through wordpress. By “all seemed in order “ I mean that the common issues with the file I found on other forums did not apply to me so I did not make any changes.

For some people , assigning all privileges through phpMyAdmin worked … do you think that could work ?

I just don’t understand how this can happen all of the sudden overnight, unless there is an issue with their servers .

Thank you !



Yes. If you are the Admin (you are) you should have “All Privileges” set.

Solved it !! Assigning all privileges solved it.
Thanks !



Now you should make a backup of your website and move it to a legit hosting provider for around $10 a month and continue building your website live and online.

I like all-in-one-wp-migration

Download and install that on your local site and make a backup.
Next buy hosting and install WordPress.
Then install all-in-one-wp-migration on the new site and import the backup file you made in the first step.’

Yes! I saw a lot of people recommend Hostinger for $1 a month for their basic plan . It is my understanding that I also need to buy a domain for the website , so I hope that’s not gonna be too complicated.



I’d recommend for a registrar to buy your name, and for cheap reliable hosting. I would also pay the $2 (I think) per month for a dedicated IP address.

All things I learned the hard way 🙂

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