Can’t save pages with lots of content

Hi there

I wondering if anyone can help? I have been having this problem for sometime and it seems to be getting worse and worse.

It is in fact not just pages, it is large menus, uploading plugins and uploading images.

I have done several tests:

1. Using another device – this works for a while but after sometime time of updating the pages it starts to return the same error. Having said this, I have tried today on a brand new device which I have never used before and I get the error straight away. I have also tried on devices in a different location and different internet connections.

2. Adding test pages with short content. This works on any device. I am able to add a page with a small amount of content on.

3. I thought it may be a hack so wiped the server and added a new totally stripped back wordpress install with a new database. Most basic install. I was able to add short content but anything long it came back with the same error. I was also unable to upload plugins as it would timeout.

4. If I am in blocks editor, it comes back with a slightly different error that says something like “Can’t be updated. You may be offline” (but I think essentially the same as ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE in classic editor).

5. I logged into another of my sites on a different server and managed to add long content (in fact exact same content that I tried to add on the broken site as my test), I managed to add this without any issue.

6. I have the same problem in both Chrome and Safari (albeit safari gives a different page error in classic editor which I can’t remember now, but essentially the same and the page can’t be updated properly.

The hosting company have been really helpful but have come back and said they don’t think that it is a server issue. They have upgraded hosting, PHP etc. They can’t seem to replicate the issue from their end.

I think this is a server issue but I have no idea why?

I have cleared caches repeatedly in browsers and in WordPress. I have also reinstalled my chrome browser.

I have trawled the internet to find a similar error and carried out any fixes that are suggested but as yet nothing has worked.

I have found a few posts on here that have had similar issues:

It is totally random. Has anyone else experienced this or has any clue why this would be happening?

Many thanks


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