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I’m not e to rely sure this will help but it may :
How to Fix Can’t Login to WordPress Admin:
1. Delete cache and cookies
2. Change admin password via phpMyAdmin
3. Disable WordPress plugins via FTP
4. Disable WordPress theme via FTP
5. Re-upload wp-login.php
6. Generate a new .htaccess file

Thank youbfor your reply. I cant change password, cant disable plugin because I can’t login to ftp and phpMyAdmin. Even My site is also down. (not loading)

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Look I found this Post

Maybe this will help !

There are o era reasons for your website to be done like :

Your domain expired. …
Unfinished/incomplete auto-updates. …
Server is crashing. …
Your hosting provider has issues. …

Hope the link I sent you will help !

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Whenever I try to log into it says i am using the wrong password or that my user name does not exist.

somehow it just let me log in now on some screen it automatically went to….but, generally, and for the last 3 hours i cant log in. something is wrong and i need help! can someone email me?

when i try to log in form the domain name i own, as the admin. IT DOES NOT LET ME!!! NO MATTER WHAT I DO! i have cleared cookies and caches…but, nope nothing works NOTHING

I have been trying everything. i am putting in the correct password, i am putting in the correct email or user name ….NOTHING works!!! can someone please help??

Please enter your username or email address. You will receive an email message with instructions on how to reset your password.

^^I know the password. but it does not work.

no matter what email or user name i use it says i do not exist…yet, here i am logged in in this forum! So, why cant i login at my domain name/website with the /wp-admin at the end of it??????

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@bonairescuba, If you need support then per the forum guidelines please start your own topic.

A lot more people will see your post, and that way you stand a good chance of getting the assistance you want. Despite any similarity in symptoms, your issue is likely to be completely different because of possible differences in physical servers, accounts, hosts, plugins, theme, configurations, etc. Thus one problem, on one setup is not indicative of the functionality and reliability of an application as a whole:


You can do so here:

I’ll be archiving your post and mine to not spam the original poster and detract from their question.


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