Can’t login in to WP admin page – no response from developer

Now, unable to access the WP admin page

I’m supposing this means you’re able to arrive at the login screen, but the form isn’t accepting the supplied login info.

If the site has already been transferred to your own hosting already, follow this guide to reset the admin password:

Resetting Your Password

Note that the above link requires access to either the database or file system before you can reset the password.

So if the site has NOT been transferred to your own hosting (or you do NOT have access to the original owner’s hosting), there’s nothing you can do technically — and your only option is to continue to pursue the original owner for access.

(Note that only develops the free WordPress software. does not host any websites, and cannot mediate in any way to help your client gain control of the site.)

Hi George. Thanks for your response.

Correct – the most recently provided username/password combos are not being accepted at the WP login screen. Site has been transferred to client’s own hosting (, WP Ultimate Package). But, we do not have access to the developer’s hosting info. Repeated requests for the info have gone unanswered as of this writing. Since there nothing we can do technically, open to suggestions on what can do to now access the site for updates & maintenance.

Site has been transferred to client’s own hosting (, WP Ultimate Package).

If the site has been transferred to your client’s own hosting, then they should have access to both the site’s database and files… and you should be able to reset the password using the link I posted previously.

Please study the above link and use one of the suggested options to reset the admin password.

I see the login modal by forgetting about the ‘wp’ subdirectory.

Is that what is messing you up? Visit the site…

Add just /admin/ to the end of the domain name or URL in the address box of your browser. Forget that ‘wp’ subdirectory…

Try the login credentials you were given…

I see one user by looking at your feed… ‘Admin’ so use that as a user name and try the passwords you were given if the credentials won’t work.

I hope this is what you need to access that site.

Thanks all. I was able to get in by using ‘admin’ with a previous password. I appreciate the responses.

Glad you got it sorted out eventually.

Good luck!

Glad you got it working, but … Yikes! Please change the user name at your earliest convenience to something other than admin.

-Thank you, George.

-Thank you, Kenny. We took those steps immediately!

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