Can’t drag and drop blocks in 5.5


The drag and drop is available by clicking, and holding down, on the up or down buttons for a second, you can then drag the block around.

Although this isn’t very obvious, it’s an interface that is being iterated on, and will hopefully be more intuitive with the next update, until then we can only apologize for the confusion.

Ah thanks! I really tried hard to find how it works 😉
A square with a little hand inside would be very clear I think 🙂

Isn’t very obvious? Holy moly, that’s the understatement of the year. I’m trying to love the block editor, but this is exactly the sort of nonsense that causes me to pull my hair out every time I try to use it. UGH. What is happening to WordPress? (No need to answer that; it’s a rhetorical question.)

BTW, THANK YOU Jack for posting the question and to Marius for graciously answering it.

I still don’t understand how exactly does it work. I press up and down buttons and nothing happens.

Don’t press the arrow; drag it to the location you want to move the block and release it.

Also of note, if it’s the uppermost block on the page and you need to drag it up (e.g. out of its container), you can drag the down arrow and the block will still move.

Hope that helps…

Thank you for the solution,

I am really trying with the block editor but it really feels like an uphill battle every time I need to use it – made worse by changes like this.

To give additional info for others who may find this thread — currently to drag and drop in 5.5 you cannot have Top Toolbar turned on, as the method described by @clorith here only works via the inline block-level toolbar.

Thanks, @christinablust.

Allowing the usage of the Top Toolbar without warning the user that basic block functionality will be lost is an irresponsible move. I wonder how it was justified.

In the mean time, I had to recreate some blocks or cut and paste block contents, and then fix links as they (due to some otherworldly reason) change when you do that.

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