Can’t do the most simple setting in WordPress?

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You can add a start value in the block settings without needing to edit HTML:

Good lord. This is so frustrating; you’re right. I was always looking at the block properties and values and options under the main block in the middle of the screen because I only use settings on the right for page values (I never set block values there). Wish They added the value under the “…” option for a list block.

Thanks for the quick and correct response. Still facepalming on this.

Uh oh, there is a problem. Even though the number setting is working in EDIT mode, when the website is live, it’s constantly resetting to 1 for each break. I believe this is due to my custom CSS. I’m curious, how would I modify this global CSS to allow the line settings I’m defining in the blocks?

/* === Custom List Settings === */
ol {
    counter-reset:li; /* Initiate a counter */
    margin-left:0; /* Remove the default left margin */
    padding-left:0; /* Remove the default left padding */
ol > li {
    position:relative; /* Create a positioning context */
    margin:0 0 6px 2em; /* Give each list item a left margin to make room for the numbers */
    padding:4px 8px; /* Add some spacing around the content */
    list-style:none; /* Disable the normal item numbering */
    border-top:2px solid #272727;
    border-left:2px solid #272727;	
ol > li:before {
    content:counter(li); /* Use the counter as content */
    counter-increment:li; /* Increment the counter by 1 */
    /* Position and style the number */
    /* Some space between the number and the content in browsers that support
       generated content but not positioning it (Camino 2 is one example) */
    border-top:2px solid #272727;
	  border-right:2px solid #272727;
    font-family:"Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif;
li ol,
li ul {margin-top:6px;}
ol ol li:last-child {margin-bottom:0;}
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