Can’t change max upload size

I’m using WordPress 5.4.1 on Windows Server 2016 with IIS 10 and PHP 7.2. The Server is locally hosted in my home. I recently installed WordPress for my school project and now wanted to upload some pictures which are bigger than 2MB. After a moment i realised, that the max_upload value is set too low. I immediately googled my problem, yet nothing could solve my problem.
I installed the plugin named “Increase Maximum Upload File Size”, but it says that the limit which is set by my hoster is still set to 2MB. After that, I tried to increase the limit via the php.ini-file(upload_max_filesize) which also didn’t work. Afterwards I also tried the same thing via the .htacess file, well I don’t think that I have to tell you that this method failed aswell. 🙁

Does somebody have any Idea why I can’t change this value?

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