Call custom field in functions.php

In WP posts I have added a custom field named ‘googledriveurl’ in which a URL to Google Drive can be added. The WP installation is only on localhost at this stage and uses Polylang to handle two different languages (Swedish and English).

I have tried to create a shortcode in functions.php to return an a href link with the custom field included, along with some text in respective language and so far I have tried:

function googlesheetpdf_shortcode() {
    if (pll_current_language() == 'sv_SE') {
    echo '<a href="CUSTOMFIELD/view#gid=0">Spara som PDF</a>';
     } else echo '<a href="CUSTOMFIELD/view#gid=146971">Save as PDF</a>';
add_shortcode('googlesheetpdf', 'googlesheetpdf_shortcode');

I have searched around and tried a number of ways that I’ve come across but I’m stuck and confused – so I thought I’d ask and see if anyone could help.


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