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I have seen this issue highlighted elsewhere but none of the fixes are working for me. Long story short, a number of buttons no longer work since updating to WordPress 5.5.3.

I noticed the problem first when trying to add a new user and the “Show Password” button does not work. I’ve looked for other WP buttons like “Generate New Password” and “Log Out Everywhere Else” on the Profile page….none work.

I believe this has something to do with a Javascript error? I’ve cleared my browser Cache and WordPress Cache. I’ve also confirmed that: define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false); already exists in my wp-config.php file just below the define(‘DB_HOST’ line.

The error on the “Add new User” page is the following:

admin.js?ver=5.5.3:21 Uncaught TypeError: $(…).live is not a function
at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (admin.js?ver=5.5.3:21)
at i (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4-wp:2)
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4-wp:2)
at Function.ready (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4-wp:2)
at HTMLDocument.J (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4-wp:2)

Can anyone give me a fix?

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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