Blog canceled for terms of service.

We have a bunch of WP blogs – some free, some are paid. We use them to critique student artwork. We’ve never had a problem with them before. There is NOTHING I can see that would be against the terms of service. Nothing bad, nothing porno, it’s acrylic abstract art. We’ve been doing this for years. So we have a new blog starting today. I set it up a few weeks ago, no problem. We added a welcome post this morning no problem with that either. Then I went and started to invite the 65 students into it. As I was doing that they canceled the blog for terms of service. There is NO art on this blog at all yet so it can’t be that (but again it’s just abstract art). Just our welcome post. We do have paid blogs and I thought with those we were supposed to get 24/7 chat support. I can’t get that now. My only choice is to email them, which I have but nothing has been done. In the meantime we have 65 students sending us emails trying to get into the blog. I tried to just make a new blog and they won’t let me do that either. Is there some way to call them? It appears that the older blogs are still working, it’s just this one. I’m very disappointed I can get any chat help.

Thanks for any ideas.

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