Blank page after URL change and permalink issues

I’m not sure if this part’s useful, but I’ve got two WordPress installations on the same server, and recently I decided to “merge” these into a multisite. I set up the network through the first installation with subdirectories, which is located in the root folder of public_html.

The other installation is located in a subdirectory, /loggedin/. Which is currently independent of the first site and multisite network. In order to create another site for it with the same URL in the network where I can import everything from the 2nd installation, I have to rename the old installation first.

I made a thread a few years back where I had a similar issue, the URL for the 2nd installation was /loggedin1/ for some odd reason and I wanted to remove the 1. And now I’d like to add back that 1(or just change it to anything else) in order to create a new site on that URL. But as soon as I change the address and URL in wp-config.php/database along with renaming the folder, it just goes blank. I tried enabling the debug option, but I don’t see any debug log in wp-contents.

I can get it back by reversing this, but now I’m getting additional errors. All pages, media attachments etc redirect back to the admin page now. And the permalink page claims there’s no write access to .htaccess when I’m sure there is as other plugins are able to edit it, as well as making sure it has the right CHMOD permissions or even changing it to 777 temporarily.

I realize now that I should’ve just created another site in the network with another name, run the import tool, make sure everything was transferred over, delete the 2nd installation and then change the URL. But thanks to all the URLs redirecting back to the admin page now, I can’t do it.

I’m sorry for the wall of text, I can explain further if there’s anything unclear!

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