Azure hosted WordPress site update crashed

It is most likely a network error of some sort that corrupted the download of WP core. It could also be a poorly configured server that caused a timeout and subsequent corruption of one of the most common WP actions.

Your host should have a backup system to allow you to simply roll back and try again. If they don’t, you might want to consider a decent host. Free backups should be included in hosting these days, much like free wifi in a hotel/airport/restaurant.

Thanks Sean & Steven.

Steven, I’m going to attempt the manual update now, but I have another question.

Step 3 tells me to deactivate plugins, however I am not able to access my WP admin to turn them off.

Do you think this will cause issues?

So I found that hitting the restart button inside of Azure app solved the issue.

Who knew turning it off and on again would solve the problem 🙂

Thanks for your help.

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