Attribule all content of users being deleted to the new one when 200000 users

You’re likely getting time out errors due to the sheer volume of users. The WP reassignment routine isn’t very efficient. If a user’s post were already reassigned before deleting them, removal should happen in the allotted time.

You can reassign the author of a page’s worth of posts to another user through the bulk edit feature on the post lists table. You can increase the number of posts on a page through the screen options tab at upper right. I think you are limited to 99 posts per page.

If a user has so many posts that even 99 is not enough, you could use the interconnect/it script to update a particular post_author ID to another. AFAIK changing the post_author value is all that is required to reassign a post. I’ve not thoroughly investigated reassignment this way. Backup your DB before making changes like this. Make only a few limited reassignments at first and test thoroughly before making widespread changes.

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