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Can you provide an example to a specific page – every post and image I click on your site has a custom URL.

After I posted I saw that some of the old blog posts still have working links when the picture is posted individually, though I can’t recreate them if I try. The links in the galleries made with Visual Porfolio don’t work anymore though.

I would like pictures to work like they do in this post I can’t do this anymore since the Attachment Display Settings area is missing.

Did you ask in their support forum ?

Is your plugin up to date ?

Did you disable all other plugins, and then check if it works ?

Im afraid of disabling the visual Portfolio plugin because I don’t know if that causes all of the data created with it to be lost.

I’m assuming Visual Portfolio isn’t the problem since my understanding is attachment display settings is a base WordPress thing. If it is missing from WordPress, visual Portfolio can’t pull the information to create the links in galleries.

Also the issue exists for single images added to blogs. I can’t have a clickable link on an image right now without manually adding it with hypertext. My understanding is the base install of WordPress should allow that.

Visual Portfolio plugin appears to be up to date.

If you are “afraid” of testing, etc on your site, then set up a staging site on your server or on your local machine in order to be able to go through this properly.
You shouldn’t really be working in production anyway.

If you delete a plugin – then add the plugin back in again – all the settings and data are retained, unless you choose to explicitly delete it.

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