Asked for help a week ago, no one responded. Thanks.

This is what I posted.

Hey everyone. I’ve been working on an article this last week. And will put in /Youtube blocks as reference points to some topics in the article. When I opened the page today, I saw a message saying “Your site doesn’t include support for ‘core-embed/youtube’ block. You can leave this block intact or remove it entirely.”

That doesn’t make sense to me because we haven’t changed anything. We haven’t updated anything. The only difference is I added something to our privacy policy. But that shouldn’t affect whether or not we have YouTube embed on our website.

Did something happen and I missed it? Is this a known issue? My partner on the website also went into a post and tried to use /youtube and it wasn’t an option for him anymore either. So it doesn’t seem to be my browser/cache.

At a loss.

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