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How do you define “additional post”? Or “archive”?
In WordPress, your posts are sorted by default using the date (you can change that with a plugin). There is a setting (go to Settings > Reading) for how many posts to show on one page. Themes should be showing the links to the older pages. It looks like your theme is not, so you should ask in your theme’s support forum about that.
In WordPress, every page that shows a list of posts is called an archive page. There are specific archives, like date archives (your link is a month archive page), author archives, category archives, etc. You don’t have to do anything special to get these; just write posts.

I used the RSS feed and found 4 posts… 86,88,179, and 362

Your site itself is visually confusing for me (Chrome web browser) and I was unable to find any way to navigate the posts except the RSS feed.

There’s no archive buttons that I could see.

What can we do to help you?

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My page has an Calendar in the sidebar and an archive link in the main menu bar. My home page is a static page showing week 2. My week one is no where to be found on site but is published on my dashboard. When I click the date for 9/21 where it should be, there is nothing. Im not sure why you can’t see my site as I do

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