anchor link not working |

There’s no anchor in your target.

<h2 class="entry-sub-title"><span style="color: #ffffff;" id="personaltheerapy">PERSONAL THERAPY</span></h2>

has an anchor (the ID) or you could use an <a> as in

<h2 class="entry-sub-title">span style="color: #ffffff;"><a name="personaltherapy"></a>PERSONAL THERAPY</span></h2>

or an ID and a div

<div id="personaltherapy">PERSONAL THERAPY</div>

etc. to create the anchor. Then to link to it, you’d use

<a href="#personalthereapy">Jump to Personal Therapy</a> in your content.

THANK YOU. I tried with the id before but wasn’t sure how to coordinate it with the “entry-sub-title” and the color style. FYI, the h2 target was working perfectly on another WP website I have without any id. So I unsuccessfully tried to copy that here.

Thanks very much. The id one worked best.
SHould have contacted you a week ago. Spent hours and hours fiddling with different configurations. Greatly appreciated!

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