All Additional CSS is Missing!

Hello @asal3,

Have you fixed your site? The header and footer are visible in my browser.

Hi @nm1com,

Thank you for the quick response! I have started to add back the css from memory, but I know that I had more that I am missing. When I was on last week I was at about 74 lines and I have only replaced 20. Is there a way to restore my css? I have updraft and I checked in my backup theme files and could not find the additional css saved anywhere.

Also, do you know what could have caused this all to be deleted? I performed an update about a week ago, but I have all pluggins auto-updates disabled so I don’t believe it was caused from that.

You’re welcome!

Where did you add the CSS code? To the Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS section inside the WordPress admin?

If you did, the Additional CSS is stored in the database:

As for what caused this to happen, did you delete or activate any plugins recently?

To avoid having this problem in future, you could create a child theme and add your custom CSS there:

Yes, it was in the additional CSS section. No recent plugin activity within the past week. I’ll try the child theme to avoid this having this issue again.

Thank you for your help!

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