Admin Color Scheme will not change

I have several WordPress installations, mostly 10+ years old, set up roughly the same way. With one site, I suddenly couldn’t switch the Admin Color Scheme about a month ago. It will switch when I click a different scheme, but once I hit Save it goes back to default. I can work around this with the Force Admin Theme plugin, but it’s not the whole problem.

I also can’t change the featured image. This is a new problem since about two weeks ago.

And when I start a new block in Gutenberg, typing the slash doesn’t bring up a list of block types like it does on my other site.

And some changes I make in my theme settings (genesis) aren’t taking, or keep reverting on their own at seemingly random times.

My auto-updating plugin no longer updates plugins or themes like it used to, or still does on other sites. I removed it and replaced it with another, but it hasn’t had enough time for me to see if it will work.

Steps I’ve taken to fix it:

–Deactivating all plugins. Didn’t help.
–Changing theme to Twenty Twenty. Didn’t help.
–Deleting a strong caching plugin (PageSpeed Ninja, which works fine on all other sites) for a less tricky one (WP-Supercache with AutoOptimize for minimization). Didn’t help.

I started comparing back end files to files on my other sites, but I don’t really know what to look for. What could cause this behavior?

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