Adding pages to menu results in a blank item!!

What about on the left when you create the item? See

You can’t edit a custom menu item. You can add a new one and remove the old one.

When I make customs links, it gets even weirder:

Instead of pointing to it points to — a page that doesn’t exist!

What did you enter in the URL field?

What I wrote in the last post; WordPress is changing the URLs of the custom links to be like posts. I figured this might have been an issue with permalinks, but trying to reset my permalinks does nothing to solve this. 🙁

I managed to fix it! Enabling WP_DEBUG revealed a bunch of errors that pointed to a corrupted database. After running the MySQL Repair utility in cPanel, it started working again. YAY!! ^__^

To anyone who may be interested and/or is encountering the same issue as I was, these are the error messages that occurred after adding the item that tipped me off to the database corruption:

Hope this helps somebody.

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