Adding encoded plugin to directory

No, open source only and it must be GPL (or compatible) licensed. I highly recommend you read the Plugin Developer Guidelines, especially #4.

4. Code must be (mostly) human readable.

Obscuring code by hiding it with techniques or systems similar to p,a,c,k,e,r‘s obfuscate feature, uglify’s mangle, or unclear naming conventions such as $z12sdf813d, is not permitted in the directory. Making code non-human readable forces future developers to face an unnecessary hurdle, as well as being a common vector for hidden, malicious code.

We require developers to provide public, maintained access to their source code and any build tools in one of the following ways:

  • Include the source code in the deployed plugin
  • A link in the readme to the development location

We strongly recommend you document how any development tools are to be used.

Jan Dembowski


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I want to know can I encode the PHP files with ioncube and upload in WordPress directory ?

No, you can’t.

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