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In what way has it stopped working?

Nothing happens when I click the button. I’m not able to add any photos to my blog posts.

First thing to try: Please try installing to see if that fixes the issue.

For more information on what this is all about, see

If the plugin helps, please contact the developers of the plugins or themes noted in its admin messages. If the plugin does not help, remove it. Then, try the next steps of troubleshooting.

This may be a plugin or theme conflict. Please attempt to disable all plugins, and use one of the default (Twenty*) themes. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of your troubles.

If you can install plugins, install “Health Check”: On the troubleshooting tab, you can click the button to disable all plugins and change the theme for JUST you, while you’re still logged in, without affecting normal visitors to your site. You can then use its admin bar menu to turn on/off plugins and themes one at a time. See or for more information.

The ‘Enable jQuery Migrate Helper’ plugin fixed the issue! Thank you so much.

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