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No idea if this is allowed here.

I am looking for help with the following;

Currently I have my site setup to require login to purchase, however this is not obvious until someone reaches checkout.

You can click on ‘my account’ from the menu and are presented with Login / Register page.

The ‘Register’ part is rubbish as a person needs to enter their email and be emailed a password for which anyone can do randomly.

I want a new page in its entirety,

Registration needs to be complete before submission (multiple fields)
I need check boxes for acceptance that they are accepting T&C’s / Privacy / Trade only status ie not consumers – we are effectively a digital trade counter and don’t sell to consumers.

Registration for an account and logged in status needs to be complete before a user can add products to cart.

User logged in status with display name in top right of all pages.

I’m fairly sure I could achieve all this with tutorials and YouTube videos but that is time and a lot of it, I just don’t have that time! HTML/CSS is the extent of my knowledge Java Script is not even on my radar!

So, is anyone interested in the work?

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